Deks Air is a specialist in this business, airlines representation and this is our “Passion”. We invest in long term relationship with principals and work closely with them to improve overall profitability without compromising on quality.We are fully committed to the Airlines’ success of which we will always be a part in seeking a win – win partnership.

October 2023, we will be celebrating our 48th anniversary of the founding of the Deks Air Group. For nearly forty-eight years of operation, the Deks Air Group has a stable management with minimal staff movement. This has allowed us to enhance our experience in the industry.

For coming close to five decades, Deks Air has grown dynamically and successfully with the vision of professional airlines. The group now employs over 150 people in 05 countries in 7 key cities and has an experienced management team in providing top notch services for all functional areas of Passenger and Cargo GSA fulfilments.

Deks Air is determined to provide specialised and professional services to achieve the objectives of airlines, who are in search for a cost-effective operation, be it a new market or a change in operation and yet without compromise on revenue maximisation, market share, yield, customer service satisfaction and branding.

Our team of trained and experienced staff coupled with the strategical network in this region are our competitive advantages over others. We customise strategies, in consultation with the airlines, to suit the needs and requirements of our principals. Our proven records enable Airlines to achieve or surpass sales target, operational success and most important, cost savings.

The comparative advantage of our Company is that we can provide our partners/principals instant access to the market with immediate business. We can also provide the full range of services and facilities, ranging from reservations, airport handling, cargo handling to sales and marketing. Deks Air is committed to providing its partners with services that are professional and innovative in order to achieve a win-win relationship.