8D7N Longevity Exploration Tour Around The Island in Sanya
Tour code: SYX8D-B
2024-05-17 TO 2025-03-31
8 days
Cambodia Airlines 


  • Ocean Flower Island or Hai Hua Island
  • Haihua Island Rare and Characteristic Botanical Garden
  • Haihua Island Wedding Manor
  • The Hainan Yingge Sea Salt Farm
  •  Sanya net red punch card yiheng night market 
  • Ganza village
  • Nanshan Buddhist Culture Garden
  • Tianya Haijiao
  • Riyue Bay
  • Qinglan Bandao Fisheran's Wharf
  • Eastern Suburb Coconut Forest
  • The Ancestral Residence of the Song
  • Chunguang Coconut Kingdom
  • Haikou Oilou Old street
- Refer to the itinerary

danzhou 5*:   Castle Hotel Ocean Flower Island (Local 5 star) Or Similar

Wuzhishan 5*: Wuzhishan Qingneng Lijingwan Hotel (Local 5 star) Or Similar  

Sanya 5*:  SanYa YueXin Tomorrow Hotel (Local 5 star) Or Similar

LINGAO 4*:  Country Garden Golden Beach Spring Hotel (Local 4 star) Or Similar

HAIKOU 4*:  Haikou Mingguang Shengyi HOTEL(Local 4 star) Or Similar





Day 1 Singapore ~ Sanya SanYa YueXin Tomorrow Hotel or similar (Inflight meals included)

SIN-SYX KR9756/ SIN1650-1950SYX

Take the flight to Sanya City, the beautiful "cliff city" of the international tourist island, and pick up and go to hotel to check in.


Day 2 Sanya Wuzhishan Qingneng Lijingwan Hotel or similar {Breakfast }Buffet {Lunch} Local specialties { Dinner }Local specialties

【Tian Ya Hai Jiao Park】(including battery car) located in Sanya, China, is a picturesque coastal destination renowned for its spectacular sea views and unique rock formations. It's an ideal place to admire the vast expanse of sea and sky, creating a romantic atmosphere that captivates visitors 【Yalong Bay International Rose Valley】(including battery car)About 20 kilometers and 38 minutes by car, it is a characteristic industrial park with "beautiful and romantic love" as the theme, rose culture as the carrier, and rose industry as the core, integrating rose planting, seedling cultivation, rose derivative products processing and sales, rose culture display, leisure and vacation.


Day 3 Castle Hotel Ocean Flower Island or similar { Breakfast }Buffet {Lunch} Local specialties { Dinner }Local specialties

【Mauna Village】Follow General Secretary Xi to explore the most beautiful countryside. [Wuzhishan City-FangNuoZhai], encounter the secret forest in the fairy tale, the secret environment "to the cloud", unload a tired back to the rain forest, enjoy the primitive and simple life, such as "Xanadu". 【Danzhou Ocean flower Island】The artificial island, which spent 12 years to build, is known as China's small Dubai to build a one-stop international vacation destination integrating theme parks, resort hotels, shopping and food, conference and exhibition, coastal entertainment, and cultural and performing arts. Gemini beach, Ming and Qing architectural style of the commercial street, food street.


Day 4 LinGao Country Garden Golden Beach Spring Hotel { Breakfast }Buffet {Lunch} Local specialties { Dinner }Local specialties

 [Millennium Ancient Salt Field ],When the sea water rises, the sea water will also enter into these stone grooves from the animation to make the scorching sun break into salt. [Yunshe Songtao -the China Village of Hainan] (Include Buggy) Hainan is not only a vacation island, but also can enjoy the taste of oxygen bar. It can be called the ecological resort. [Lingao Jiao], "the hometown of longevity"-Lingao, where the PLA landed in Hainan Island. where has the oldest lighthouse in Hainan.


Day 5 Wenchang-Haikou Haikou Mingguang Shengyi Hotel or similar { Breakfast }Buffet {Lunch} Local specialties { Dinner }Local specialties

 [Wenchang Ancestral Residence of the Soong Family] is the former residence of Sun Yat-sen’s wife Soong Ching Ling and is a cultural relic protection unit in Hainan Province. [Viewing the Wenchang Satellite Launch Base from the outside] China’s first open coastal space launch base. 【Haikou Arcade Old Street】Haikou Arcade Old Street is one of the most Nanyang architectural style street landscapes in Haikou City. Enjoy dinner at [Wenchang Chicken Master LaguFang Chicken Full Banquet]-- Wenchang City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Labor Service Brand Specialty Restaurant.


Day 6 Haikou-Sanya SanYa YueXin Tomorrow Hotel { Breakfast }Buffet {Lunch} Local specialties { Dinner }Local specialties

[Qionghai World Tropical Fruit Window] is located in Qionghai City. It integrates the introduction and breeding of new and exotic fruits from around the world, demonstration planting, and popular science tourism. It has 650 kinds of new and exotic tropical fruits. In addition to a variety of beautiful and delicious exotic fruits, the park also launches dinosaur exhibitions, Sun Wukong World Tour Flower and Fruit Mountain, Fruit Cute Pet Forest, Fruit Playground and other entertainment projects 【Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area (including battery car)】located in Sanya, is a scenic destination blending natural landscapes and cultural heritage. The park features a rich Buddhist history, a majestic statue of the South China Sea Guanyin Bodhisattva, and a lush tropical botanical garden. Visitors can experience tranquility and appreciate the unique charm of the South China Sea culture within the park.。 { Sanya net red punch card yiheng night market }-Rednet punch the pedestrian street, integrate the local culture.

Day 7 Sanya SanYa YueXin Tomorrow Hotel or similar { Breakfast }Buffet {Lunch} Local specialties { Dinner }Local specialties

[Ganshiling Penang Valley】(including battery car) The unique indigenous customs, China's first ethnic cultural 5A scenic spot, the mysterious and charming original rainforest scenery of the ethnic ethnic entertainment, let you linger and be amazed. 【Sanya Phoenix Valley】located at the foot of Nanshan Mountain in Hainan Province, China. Known for its picturesque landscapes, it is often referred to as the "green jewel at the edge of the sky and sea." The Fenghuangling scenic area boasts dense tropical rainforests, ancient temples, and a rich cultural history. Visitors can stroll along mountain trails, enjoying magnificent natural scenery and experiencing the tranquil ambiance of the mountains.


Day 8 Sanya-Singapore KR9755/ SYX1250-1550SIN { Breakfast }Buffet

Take a bus to Sanya Phoenix International Airport and fly back to your beautiful home. KR9755/ SYX1055-1400SIN