8D7N Round The Hainan Island Tour
Tour code: 8DHAK
2024-01-18 TO 2024-12-20
8 days
Hainan Airlines or Scoot Air


  • Ocean Flower Island or Hai Hua Island
  • Fushan Coffee Culture Town
  • Haihua Island Rare and Characteristic Botanical Garden
  • Haihua Island Wedding Manor
  • The Hainan Yingge Sea Salt Farm
  • Sanya FengHuangling
  • Luxury Yacht (90mins charter boat)
  • Ganza village
  • Nanshan Buddhist Culture Garden
  • Tianya Haijiao
  • Riyue Bay
  • Qinglan Bandao Fisheran's Wharf
  • Eastern Suburb Coconut Forest
  • The Ancestral Residence of the Song
  • Chunguang Coconut Kingdom
  • Haikou Oilou Old street
- Refer to the itinerary

Haikou 5*:   Castle Hotel Ocean Flower Island海花岛欧堡酒店 (Local 5 star) Or Similar

Wenchang 4*:Wenchang Vienna Hotel 文昌维也纳酒店 (Local 4 star) Or Similar  

Sanya 4*:   May International Resort Hotel三亚中铁酒店 (Local 4 star) Or Similar

Haikou 4*:   Haikou Oscar Hotel 海口奥斯罗克酒店 (Local 4 star) Or Similar



Day 1: Singapore – Haikou – Fushan Coffee culture town


Upon arrival Haikou, meet and greet with a local tour guide and transfer to lunch at local restaurant.

  • Fushan Coffee Culture Town. It is a national 3-A grade picturesquelocation. Simple Mediterranean-style and opulent coffee-style elements are combined in the architecture. It is a small town with unique qualities that incorporates the appreciation of global coffee planting culture, a coffee trading hub, a coffee port, a viewing and tasting area for coffee production, a creative experience area for pottery manufacturing, as well as leisure and entertainment. Free unique foods and a cup of coffee from Fushan a re provided.
  • Ocean Flower Island or Haihua Island is an under-construction, artificial archipelago located off the north coast of Danzhou, Hainan, China, west of the Yangpu Peninsula. The project, being built by the Evergrande Group, will consist of three independent islets with a total area of 381 hectares.

Overnight at Castle Hotel Ocean Flower Island海花岛欧堡酒店

Day 2: Haihua Island Rare and Characteristic Botanical Garden – Haihua Island Wedding Manor


  • Haihua Island Rare and Characteristic Botanical Garden, covers an area of ​​74,000 m², and it is a world-class botanical garden that gathers rare tropica  l plants from all over the world. There are five theme exhibition areas with unique island characteristics in the park, namely the Plant Rare Pavilion, Flower Sea Theme Exhibition Area, Shade Plant Area, Tropical Rare Plant Conservation Area and Cherry Blossom E  xhibition Area. Sightseeing by the small train of Haihua Island
  • Haihua Island Wedding Manor, with a total area of ​​19,600 m², has 9 romantic and elegant independent halls, including large, medium, and small wedding ceremony halls, Chinese, European, and Korean wedding photography halls, and  outdoor wedding lawns. It can meet the needs of various wedding scales and wedding photography styles. It can provide newcomers with one-stop large-scale wedding planning, wedding ceremony holding, indoor and outdoor wedding photo shooting, travel shooting and wedding banquet and other personalized wedding services. It is the dream of holding a romantic wedding. manor. 

Overnight at Castle Hotel Ocean Flower Island海花岛欧堡酒店

Day 3: Yinggehai Salt Farm -Fenghuangling vowing - making scenic area - Sanya


  • The Hainan Yingge Sea Salt Farm, one of the three sea salt farms in China, was established in 1958 and has a 62-year history of development. The sea salt that is produced there is of a high calibre. Afterwards, visit Sanya Fenghuangling vowing-making scenic area (includes cableway ride) after that. It is a national 4-A grade tourist Scenic spot, the highest peak in the city's
  • Sanya Fenghuangling Each other Scenic Spot is located on the highest peak in Sanya - Fenghuangling. It is the only place in Sanya where you can have a panoramic view of Sanya Bay, urban buildings and urban landforms. Including cableway fee

Overnight at May International Resort Hotel三亚中铁酒店

Day 4: Luxury Yacht Experience – Ganza Village


  • Luxury yacht (90 mins charter boat) cruise out to the sea: Take a trip to the sea that touches your heart, full of exploration and passion and enjoy your private"Sea and Sky Feast". Luxury yachting includes:
  1. Service: one professional captain and one butler service staff
  2. Meals: one seasonal fruit platter, drinks and purified water
  3. Entertainment: sea fishing experience, swimming, snorkeling experience
  4. Supporting items: fishing rods and baits, snorkeling life jackets and life buoys. Phoenix Island's
  • Ganza village is located in the Ganza Ridge Natural Reserve on the border of Sanya City and Baoting County. It is named Binglanggu because it is formed by a valley, several kilometers long, covered with thousands of areca palms and lush jungle on both slopes. The reserve comprises three major features: the primitive Li Minority village, the ecological Miao Minority village, and tropical jungle. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Hainan. (Including buggy, Li Miao show and dance)

 May International Resort Hotel三亚中铁酒店

Day 5: Nanshan Buddhist Culture Garden – Tianya Haijiao


  • Nanshan Buddhist Culture Garden, Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area: including a buggy, which is a very inspiring and aura-filled geomantic treasure and the 108-metre Guanyin on the Sea, the highest Guanyin statue in the world. (Including buggy, watching the 108-meter sea Guanyin)
  • Tianya Haijiao - Edges of the heaven, corners of the sea, The venue is considered the southernmost point of China's land area despite the fact that Jinmu Cape actually is. It is for this reason that it is a popular sightseeing destination for tourists, as well as the fact that, on clear days, various islets are visible. In Chinese literature, the cape is mentioned in many famous poems, such as "I will follow you to Tian-Ya-Hai-Jiao", which means the couple will never be separated. Therefore, many newlyweds spend part of their honeymoon visiting the place. (Including buggy)

May International Resort Hotel三亚中铁酒店

Day 6: Riyue Bay – Qinglan Bandao Fisherman’s Wharf – Eastern Suburb Coconut Forest


  • Riyue Bay, located about 25 kilometers south of Wanning City, Hainan Province, China, is about 4.5 kilometers long and is suitable for many water sports such as diving and  Surfin . Riyue Bay Haimen Tourist Area is located here.
  • Qinglan Bandao Fisherman's Wharf, is located at the Dragon Head in the Gaolong Bay Area of Wenchang. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides and faces the island's only sea port, Qinglan Port, and Aerospace Fisherman's Wharf is located on Qinglan Peninsula. Aerospace Fisherman's Wharf has the characteristic theme of cultural and creative atmosphere. It covers an area of 1,800 acres and has a construction area of about 1.2 million square meters. Major business formats such as boutique supermarkets and seafood restaurants.
  • Eastern Suburb Coconut Forest, there are coconut trees in various forms here.

Overnight at Wenchang Vienna Hotel 文昌维也纳酒店

Day 7: The Ancestral Residence of the Song – Chuanguang Coconut Kingdom - Haikou Qilou Old Street


  • The Ancestral Residence of the Song is the ancestral residence of the Song Clan, which has

had great influence on the modern history of China. As a cultural landscape in Hainan Province, the ancestral residence of the Song family has attracted people from all over the World and all over the country to search for the traces of the Song family because of its irreplaceability.

  • Chunguang Coconut Kingdom: tourists can see the visualized production workshop and R&D inspection room. See the magical process of a co conut transforming into coconut candy, Coconut biscuits and other snack foods.
  • Haikou Qilou Old Street: This is a street l andscape with the most 'Nanyang' architectural style in Haikou City and there are many snacks.

Overnight at Haikou Oscar Hotel 海口奥斯罗克酒店

Day 8: Haikou - Singapore


After breakfast at hotel, transfer to your flight back to Singapore.